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Thursday, February 27, 2014

For a brief period of time, I was the Tina Fey of mocking the Food Network (#humblebrag)

Because many people who have to come to know me from my recent professional exploits are somewhat unaware of exactly how odd my career has been -- seriously, seriously odd -- I'll just take this moment to remind everyone I was once the lead writer for an online-only ripoff of The Daily Show dedicated entirely to mocking The Food Network.

This was the pilot for that show, which I wrote. The series ran for the better part of a year. No, I have no idea how that happened, either.

The host, for those asking, is Sarah East. She still works as an actress here locally. She was amazingly good at handling my awful and complicated scripts.

One of my stable of writers was none other than Chris-Rachael Oseland, who went on to found Kitchen Overlord and author the mega-popular Unofficial Dr. Who Cookbook.

My boss at this bizarre enterprise? Rob May, founder and CEO of cloud-to-cloud backup pioneer Backupify. (Or, as I prefer to think of him, author of Coconut Headsets.)

I cannot explain how I was lucky enough to get this job, nor luckier still not to have this job prevent me from getting more muggle-based work. As I said to Jeff Patterson the other day, I'm a beneficiary of an amoral universe.