Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The TechTalk episode in which I discuss M.A.S.H., The Super Bowl and the tyranny of edu-tech

The Diamond Age
So, they let me back on the radio again, and the result is a crazy mashup of Super Bowl stat debunking, railing against the Neilsen ratings system, the perils and promise of mind control via edu-tech (how we didn't reference The Diamond Age in this whole deal is astonishing), and eventually I ask a TV history question.

Anyhow, the rest of TechTalk Episode 373 is worth a listen, especially if you skip over my parts. There really is a good discussion of managing security and access within educational environments vis-a-vis Internet access and trust with mobile devices.

As always, the unabridged grimoire of my podcast atrocities is laid bear here.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The most popular links I shared in 2014

The Eye of Sauron as portrayed in Peter Jackso...
These are the 10 links I shared last year that got at least 50 clicks across all my social media platforms. (According to Bit.ly and Buffer, anyway.)
  1. "The single phrase (and every variation of it) that time and time again repels clients away from us" (261 clicks | Jan. 31)
  2. Yeah, but what has @louisvillemayor done about the Frost Giants? (50 clicks | Feb. 6)
  3. Scammer tries to unload LOTR toys on gullible Christians. LOTR fans troll back with epic Amazon reviews (56 clicks | Feb. 16)
  4. Okay, Calgary's mayor could teach seminars on how to win the battle against twitter-trolls (307 clicks | Feb. 25)
  5. Hottest. Geek girl. EVER. (447 clicks | Feb. 27)
  6. "Because many are unaware of exactly how odd my career has been, I'll just take this moment to remind everyone" (85 clicks | Feb. 27)
  7. Accurate. Horribly, horribly accurate. (217 clicks | Jun. 2)
  8. "Hester exulted that he was wearing his Gail Carriger suit, which he hardly ever gets to wear."(57 clicks | Aug. 18)
  9. Nuanced motivational posters (83 clicks | Oct. 8)
  10. There, I fixed it: Now Barbie IS a computer scientist (293 clicks | Nov. 20)

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Friday, January 09, 2015

The TechTalk Radio episode in which I predict the future (and talk Congressional astronauts)

John Glenn in his Mercury pressure suit
One of my New Year's resolutions was to note here at my blog when I appear on TechTalk Radio. I call in most Saturdays, so I got out of the habit of reposting the shows here (and Mike, the show's host, got out of the habit of posting the podcasts so I could link to them). We're (both) going to do better in 2015.

So here's our first swipe of 2015: TechTalk Ep 371 – Prognostications and Prevarications for 2015!

My contributions include predictions about how cyberwars will escalate to open combat this year, and a quiz about the intersection of US Congressmen and the NASA astronaut corps. It's more nerdy than it sounds. Give a listen.

And if this short stint doesn't satisfy you, my (admittedly incomplete) history of podcast appearances is available here.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

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