Thursday, December 11, 2008

Video: The ultimate inspirational movie speech

The Written Weird has been quiet for a couple of weeks, mostly because the startup that comprises my day job is shutting down. Not to worry, contingency plans are afoot, and I expect I'll be in great shape 90 days from now. During the lean times, I might even have time to blog more. (Whoa! Crazy talk!)

In the interim, I leave you with this ingeniously amalgamated inspirational message from Overthinking It, which hacks together over 40 famous movie speeches into two minutes of pure awesome. It well bespeaks where my head is at.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to hear about your day gig; conversely happy to hear you may produce more content on your blog and fiction.

    Ironically, you'll be sharing time this Saturday with Guy Kawasaki, well known as a founder's and startup's 'guru.' I'd suggest that VuPal's founders listen to the show and pick up his book "Reality Check" but it sounds as though they've already gotten one of a different sort.

    If it helps any, I'm prepared to double your current pay at WRLR, out of my own pocket. I will have to insist on exact change back however. ;)