Friday, February 25, 2011

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My science fiction shelfImage by library_mistress via Flickr
  • How the Bubble moves to main Street
  • 'The Way Is Open If We Want to Take It': The Dystopian Spirit in 21st-Century SF
  • DailyDirt: Spaceships On The Drawing Board
  • 5 assumptions about social search
  • Death By Air And Thunderbolt: Is It The End Of The Line For The MacBook?
  • RT @robmay: Everything I learned about doing a startup came from doing a startup... not reading blogs about it.
  • The Privatization Of Public Data Sets A Bad Precedent
  • Louisville Kickstarter: Help Jenn Stout Make Her New CD
  • Lunch? LUnch!!!
  • Yet Another Person Sues Google Because They Don't Like Pornographic Results When People Search On Their Name
  • Trust and utility
  • RT @jaymgates: Gmail, I do NOT accept your failure this morning. Shape up NOW. This is your final warning.
  • SciFi Library in WA Needs Funds
  • Yahoo To Shut Down MyBlogLog On May 24
  • Making rules is admitting failure
  • New ways to experience better collaboration with Google Apps
  • Success, Joy and Health are Contagious (So Be Careful Who You Work With)
  • RT @tmbg: If they want to bring it back, have 'em call us! RT @hodgeman We believe we have the name of the exec who cancelled SCHOOLHOUS ...
  • Trailer: Source Code
  • What Watson did next
  • Can America Function More Like a Fiscally Responsible Company? It’s up to Us, the Shareholders
  • RT @cascio: Wondering which superhero Joss Whedon is going to kill in the #Avengers movie. Has to be someone we care about (so Hawkeye l ...
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