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From Twitter 02-28-2011

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  • Workshifting: The Rise Of The Zealot And Fall Of Your Weekend? http://dlvr.it/HrcfB
  • I Disagree with Fred; Marketing is for Companies that Have Great Products http://dlvr.it/HrlRR
  • The Responsibility of Running a Business http://dlvr.it/HrsNR
  • How Social Media Is Pushing the Limits of Legal Ethics http://dlvr.it/HrybX
  • What’s The Real Deal With AngelList? http://dlvr.it/Hs3K3
  • Quora: What is considered a significant number of users for a free consumer internet product? http://dlvr.it/Hs8c5
  • Weather change causing major sinus headache. Meds ineffective. Time for the nuclear option: A Qdoba extra spicy burrito.
  • Lunch? Lunch!
  • RT @robmay: Worried about gmail data loss?, Backupify offers a free Pro100 account for the next 24 hrs w/ code "savegmail" http://bit.l ...
  • #Fail, #Fail & #Fail Again http://dlvr.it/HsFjM
  • Burning Chrome http://dlvr.it/HsLMS
  • LastPass XSS vulnerability found, website and browser add-ons affected (updated) http://dlvr.it/HsR2W
  • Humans Are The Routers http://dlvr.it/HsWYg
  • Digital Literacy Is In Crisis http://dlvr.it/Hsb5S
  • Sorry Entrepreneurs: You’re Probably the Rule, Not the Exception http://dlvr.it/HsgTM
  • My Post-Oscars Thoughts http://dlvr.it/Hsm4G
  • RT @5tevenw: Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by a ...
  • RT @Greendrv: For auction: one slightly used Soviet era Vostok space capsule http://bit.ly/frAVJn
  • The Unspoken Evil Of The RFP http://dlvr.it/HsqpH
  • Dear raging sinus headache. Fuck you. Sincerely, me.
  • You Can’t Finish If You Don’t Start http://dlvr.it/HsvZ4
  • Libyans Using Coded Dating Site Messages To Avoid Government Monitoring http://dlvr.it/HszCJ
  • Report: Coal costs U.S. $500 billion in ‘hidden costs’ http://dlvr.it/Ht2cS
  • Backing up my tweets with @Backupify http://backupify.com - Twitter backup is free!
  • Another War Entirely In The Past http://dlvr.it/Ht6kW
  • RT @digiphile: Does anyone see evidence of "Like-building" on Facebook emerging to parallel link building on the Web? SMO folks as the n ...
  • HarperCollins Wants To Limit Library Ebook Lending To 'Protect' Authors From Libraries http://dlvr.it/Ht9XY
  • How to get good at making money http://dlvr.it/HtDwD
  • Prevent your next Gmail blackout – Get a free year of Backupify http://dlvr.it/HtJBl
  • Facebook plans to resume address, phone sharing http://dlvr.it/HtMYp
  • Storm Clouds: Gmail Failure Reinforces Danger Of Becoming Too Cloud-Dependent http://dlvr.it/HtQkn
  • Douglas Adams on the definition of "natural order" http://dlvr.it/HtVBy
  • RT @Kurt_Vonnegut: I am a humanist, which mean, in part, that I have tried to behave decently without any expectation of rewards or puni ...
  • Backupify Offering One Year Free In Light Of Gmail Outage http://dlvr.it/Htb1J
  • RT @Schindizzle: Bat shit must be offended by all the Charlie Sheen comparisons.
  • RT @danfaust: I support Katee Sackhoff as Deena Pilgrim. How do we make this happen?
  • RT @robmay: Wow, over 50K uniques to @backupify website today already. May be our biggest traffic day ever.
  • Got a lot done today, but it was almost all work that was created today. task list didn't shrink near enough for my liking.
  • 4 meetings tomorrow. 3 meetings + 2 flights Wednesday. Then 2 days in Boston. Then home to have my windows replaced #killmenow
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