Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Tangent's Online's best of 2011 sci-fi short fiction list includes...wait...ME?

Science fiction 2Image by Glamhag via FlickrI have exactly one paid fiction publication to my credit. Ever. And someone thinks it (just barely) qualifies as some of the best sci-fi short fiction of 2011. Thankfully that someone has some street cred, because it's the gang from Tangent, which just happens to specialize in reviewing and critiquing sci-fi short fiction.

My short story "Perfection" from the April issue of Redstone Science Fiction is considered one of the 50 or so best sci-fi short stories of the year. And this isn't some random blogger list. This is the group of people who critique sci-fi shorts as their raison d'etre. My name sneaks in besides the likes of Rudy Rucker, Nalo Hopkinson, Rachel Swirsky, Ian MacLeod, Greg Bear, Laura Ann Gilman, Bud Sparhawk, Nancy Kress, Jackie Kessler and Jay Lake.

Yes, I am making inappropriate squee noises right now, of the Japanese schoolgirl variety. No, I am not ashamed.

I owe some thanks. First, to Mike Ray, the EIC at Redstone who took a chance on a nobody and gave me my first sale. Second, to my fellow SF Signal irregular Matt Sanborn Smith, who was kind enough to tweet me about the Tangent selection. I'm a lucky guy.

Also, I guess I'm obligated to get to writing some short fiction in 2012. I have a meager reputation to maintain.


  1. That is a great story. Don't let the impostor syndrome slow you down. I'm sure even Isaac Asimov felt intimidated at the beginning of his SF career. Okay, maybe not Asimov, but you get the idea!

  2. To be honest, Chip, it isn't the imposter syndrome that's slowing me down, it's bad time management. My startup day job + my TR sidework + my radio gig + the nonprofit I help run + occasional podcasting for SF Signal + family (including a 5 year old and a newborn) + friends + sleep makes it a bit difficult to cram in writing. But if Matt Forbeck can do it, I can.

  3. Congratulations Jay! This is awesome, you are so great.