Monday, December 03, 2012

Twitter's 43 favorite links from Nov. 2012

Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos (Photo credit: Dunechaser)
Below are the 43 links I shared on Twitter in Nov. 2012 that subsequently earned at least 100 clicks.
  1. "Why do so many founders build things no one wants? Because they begin by trying to think of startup ideas." (1373)
  2. Mapping Racist Tweets in Response to President Obama's Re-election (1319)
  3. 25 Entrepreneurs Tell What They Wish They’d Known before Founding Their First Startup (1071)
  4. Open Source Entrepreneurship (729)
  5. Some thoughts and musings about making things for the web - The Oatmeal (703)
  6. Defining engagement by clicks, likes & shares works for Google’s search engine, not for a social network (549)
  7. 5 APIs that will transform the Web in 2013 (442)
  8. Don't Fall For Fake Facebook Privacy Notice (434)
  9. It's an amazing time for things that aren't quite traditional laptops (424)
  10. Follow the goal creep by David of 37signals (365)
  11. The startup founder's lie about "comfort zones" (335)
  12. Why Google Went Offline Today and a Bit about How the Internet Works (312)
  13. What the Research on Habit Formation Reveals about our Willpower and Overall Well-Being (304)
  14. The truth about the "friend zone" (295)
  15. Why you should take your 20′s seriously (291)
  16. Want to create a new habit? Get ready to break it. (288)
  17. The perfect email (273)
  18. 50 Startup Lessons Learned in 12 months (258)
  19. Why Coke Cost A Nickel For 70 Years (256)
  20. Q: "How much does an app cost?" A: "About as much as a car." (255)
  21. 512 Paths to the White House - Winning Scenarios for Both Candidates (246)
  22. I Am A Terrible Programmer (243)
  23. Why art is hard (236)
  24. Startups: How you can do it alone (220)
  25. No Studying After 5pm: Using Parkinson's Law to Kick Procrastination's Ass (218)
  26. A billion dollar software tech company is founded every 3 months in the U.S. (215)
  27. This is why I’m not backing you on Kickstarter (215)
  28. Sorry, No Calls (200)
  29. Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower? Would You Believe It's Barack Obama? (193)
  30. Entrepreneur’s Don’t Think Enough. Here’s What You Can Do About It (193)
  31. Apollo Flight Controller 101: Every console explained (192)
  32. Google Launches Ingress, a Worldwide Mobile Alternate Reality Game (158)
  33. Einstein's list of demands for staying with his wife (158)
  34. "It’s better to have a few fantastic things designed for you than to have many untrustworthy things poorly designed" (153)
  35. 2512 (149)
  36. It's fine to get an MBA but don't be an MBA (142)
  37. Triumph of the Nerds: Nate Silver Wins in 50 States (137)
  38. "How I went from $100-an-hour programming to $X0,000-a-week consulting." (136)
  39. Programming is a Pop Culture (133)
  40. Jeff Bezos attended 60 investor meetings to raise $1m from 22 people, just to get Amazon started (133)
  41. Higher education is now being disrupted; our MP3 is the massive open online course (or MOOC)and our Napster is Udacity (121)
  42. If you’re 27 or younger, you’ve never experienced a colder-than-average month (119)
  43. Why it is Awesome to be a Girl in Tech (117)
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