Monday, October 28, 2013

"Experts" pick the sci-fi books you gotta read by year's end

Novels in a Polish bookstore
Because Patrick Hester uses wisdom as his dump stat, I was invited back on the Hugo-winning SF Signal podcast to discuss both what sci-fi I'm reading, prose-wise, and what I will pull out all the stops to read by year's end. Fortunately, Jeff PattersonFred Kiesche and Paul Weimer are along for the ride to inject some actual informed genre bibliophilia into my relentless name-checking of Scott Lynch, Brian Wood and Cherie Priest.

If you're building a Christmas list for the sci-fi-o-phile in your life, or just like hearing geek-banter normally reserved for side-chats at the D&D game table, you could spend worse hours than to hear the SF Signal Recommendations for 2013's Remaining Sci-Fi Must-Reads. My segments are imminently mutable.

As always, my tally of past SF Signal podcast audio-crimes is available here.

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