Thursday, September 10, 2015

TechTalk appearance: Ep 396 – Wherein Stan Asks: “What Else You Got?”


GEO awards high leads to tons of nostalgia and great memories about the origin of WRLR and TechTalk. Stack and Di.

News Items

  • Fake women! (… on the Ashley Madison site, that is)
  • Sad Puppies lose, Hugo Awards FTW!
  • Lots of nostalgia and good vibes from the recent GEO’s!

Geek Trivia Answer

What were the only 3 websites linked to from the new Google Alphabet website? (Hint: One of them can only be found by looking at the source code)

Cool Sites of the Week

  • ABC.XYZ – Google’s new Alphabet website
  • WRLR.FM – The TechTalk show’s home station – if you haven’t been there in a while, check it out!

Podcast Only Song of the Week

Chet Faker’s take on “No Diggity!”


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