Monday, April 07, 2008

I was on the's proof

Back on April 5, I was on the TechTalk radio show out of WRLR 98.3 FM in Chicago as a guest Trivia Geek. I acquitted myself geekishly, I suppose. Judge for yourself by listening to the show. If you check it in the browser, you'll need some patience, as I don't show up until about halfway into the 1-hour show. If you're of an iTunes bent, click that link and fast forward to about the 26:15 mark and jump in on I meander around verbally for about 15 minutes, and finally sign off with a recycled trivia question. They might have me on again next week, so you'll get the answer then.

Don't be confused, Mike Kastler refers to me as "Jay Gorman," briefly, before correcting himself. I'm not THAT famous yet.

I'm not looking for kudos, as I can't stand reading myself, let alone hearing myself. The old inferiority complex/perfectionist streak just won't let go. Enjoy.

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