Sunday, April 06, 2008

You know, sometimes the TV networks get it right

Science fiction fans often have legitimate grievances against television networks (Fox, mostly) for smothering many potentially great series in their cribs. But sometimes, just sometimes, these speculative fiction infanticides are really better for everyone involved. Like with these sci-fi/fantasy shows, which deserved their quick deaths.

(Found via SFSignal.)


  1. Only quibble I have is that I totally wish they had brought Dr. Strange to series - definitely looks like my kind of show! Having been a big fan of the comic, no matter how bad it was I would have watched every episode ...

  2. Wow....that was just....bad.

    I hope John Doe never falls into that category in some YouTube video years from now.

  3. What is scary is that I actually remember one of those series ... Northstar

  4. If only CBS had had the wisdom to kill the equally moronic "Space Rangers" before it saw the airwaves in '93...