Tuesday, July 08, 2008

For those who wonder what my day job is like...

The local dead-tree news vessel did a little write-up of my day job recently, and it published yesterday. It doesn't directly convey what we're really up to--which is no fault of the writer, Bill Wolfe, who is a friend of mine--but because we're still in the "being cagey" phase about the technology component of our enterprise.

We've got some really cool tech that's going to complement the content we're producing, but since the tech isn't built yet, we're talking a lot about the content. What content? Glad you asked.

Well, first up, we've launched a few Web video shows centered on the young "new to food" crowd, with accompanying blogs. I laid the groundwork for each of these show concepts, but my plucky band of novice producers, new-to-video writers, and semi-pro actors have really made this stuff their own. To date, our lineup includes:
We've got a couple more shows in the pipeline, and the possibility of doing this little prototype on a regular basis. I'm really pulling for the latter, as it's the most enjoyable--and challenging--script I've yet written. Sarah East, the on-screen talent, really belted this out of the park.

Not bad for a stalling action until our next-gen video player is ready, eh? Here's hoping this doesn't flame out before it gets profitable. I doubt I'll get this much freedom to play again for a while.

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