Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The most discouraging good news I've heard in a while

This Ira Glass video has been making the rounds, but it struck a chord with me because I was contemplating dragging an old story out of my files and giving it a go at magazine submission. After letting it sit for about year, I had stopped loathing it and began thinking it might be halfway okay. After taking a gander at Ira's wisdom, I realize that, yeah, the work is still pretty mediocre. I managed to accomplish some stuff with it, but it still doesn't hit all the notes I want in all the ways I'd like.

Basically, I'm having a creative crisis. Do I put my stuff out there on the long, ugly trek of multi-market submission when I myself believe the story is just good, not great? Or do I throw it back in the vault with the intent to recycle the idea once I find that voice that will cure, or at least mitigate, my natural self-loathing tendencies?

I'm leaning towards leaving the junk in the trunk, but I'll cop to having lost perspective on the quality of my work a while back. I've never liked anything I've written. Ever.

In either case, I've got to get my volume of work back up. One story every three months ain't cutting it. Loser.

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