Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting back into the trivia game

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I've been out of the trivia game since April of this year, when my new job at Techtarget forced me to give up my eight-years-running Geek Trivia column at TechRepublic. (Seeing as how my new employer is a direct competitor with the old one, this was hardly an unreasonable employment request.) It was a sad, difficult thing to give up a column that was in many ways the axis of my online identity, but it was also a bit of a relief. Eight years in the same gig without a significant break left me a bit burnt out on trivia columns.

Still, after four months off, I've got the trivia bug again. My Nerd Words columns haven't sated my trivia needs. So, I'm getting back in the game. A week from today -- September 22, 2009 -- I'm going to started doing weekly trivia posts again. Every Tuesday, 10:00 am Eastern, look for a new trivia column in this space. With any luck, I've not quite lost the touch for fun factoids. And if it proves to be as fun and rewarding as my last trivia gig, I just might be at it for another eight years.

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  1. Fantastic, Jay!

    I really look forward to the return of the Trivia Geek's Geek Trivia. So, as a rather eloquent fellow once put it, "See you in seven."


  2. I have missed your Geek Trivia blogs. Glad you're back.

  3. A True Triumph of Trivia over Travail and enTropy.

    That Bug must have one hell of a Big Bite.
    Once word gets out, I'm sure all your fans will flock here! I'm excited ... welcome back, oh ye Master Of Trivia!

    Cheers, DonAK