Tuesday, November 02, 2010

'Medieval mysticism explained with lolcats and action figures' ... +19 more must-read links

    lolcat adaptation #1Image by Kevin Steele via Flickr
  1. Medieval mysticism explained with lolcats and action figures
  2. How the Republican Congress will abandon Tea Party ideas and legislate toward the center
  3. Jon Stewart to Reddit: you don't matter
  4. NASA Once Again Auctioning Off Patents Your Tax Dollars Paid For
  5. Blekko, the "Slashtag" search engine is slow, cumbersome, and just plain broken
  6. 15+ Google Chrome extensions for better privacy control
  7. Win Free Comfy Cow Ice Cream for a Year
  8. Larry And Sergey Wanted Steve Jobs To Be Google's First CEO
  9. Pushing back on mediocre professors
  10. Points of control = Rents
  11. Google Suggest Venn Diagrams
  12. Reminder: Despite What You May Have Heard, Happy Birthday Should Be In The Public Domain
  13. Turns Out The Evil Halloween Candy Poisoners Was Just FUD That Got You To Buy Prepackaged Candy
  14. Our Government Can’t Prevent A Digital 9-11: Entrepreneurs Need To Step In
  15. What You Should Know
  16. One in Five Facebook Employees Has No Imagination Whatsoever
  17. Read John Scalzi's Election-Themed Short Story...Free!
  18. The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 014): Interview with Paul Levinson + What are your favorite zombie books, movies or comics and why
  19. Google's 2006 NetScape Moment Recalled
  20. What comes after Facebook

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