Friday, April 01, 2011

Perfection - My first professional fiction sale

On my bio page, when discussing my futile efforts to launch a career as a science fiction author, I made the following threat:
If [such publication] ever happens, expect the first announcement to appear on JayGarmon.Net along with a copious overuse of exclamation points... first professional fictional sale is online !!!!!!1!!one!!!

I'm nothing if not a man of my word.

As to specifics, the story is titled "Perfection" as was purchased by the fine folks over at Redstone Science Fiction. They actually snagged the story a few months ago but I held off noting it here until the link went live in their April issue. (The irony of my first fiction sale meeting the world on April Fool's Day is not lost on me.)

As to the story itself, I'd like to think I wear my Charles Stross influences rather proudly. This is also a considerably shorter piece than I usually write, which no doubt contributed greatly to its publication. Nonetheless, I commend its content unto you, and welcome feedback -- positive or otherwise -- in the comment spaces of this post. I thank you in advance.


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  1. Well written. I could read more like that.

    I particularly like the twist at the end.