Monday, October 10, 2011

The most horrible things in science fiction

The Fly (1986 film)Image via WikipediaThere are two ways of interpreting the post title:
  • A clever pun on mashing the horror and sci-fi genres
  • The description of my contribution to SF Signal podcasts
Both are likely true, as those poor, foolish fools at SF Signal had me on their podcast again discussing the best examples of science fiction horror stories. Don't worry, it's not just me blathering about Ridley Scott and David Cronenberg (that happens, but there's other stuff, too). Lee ThomasAshley CrumpDerek JohnsonJeff Patterson, and Patrick Hester make legitimate statements about genre that tend to drown out my own sonic idiocy.

My content will horrify. Their content will edify. Either way you win, assuming horror is of interest to you. Give it a listen.

As always my chronicle of past SF Signal podcast atrocities is available here.

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