Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Which Manhattan Project scientist won the betting pool to determine the explosive yield of the first atomic bomb?

Trinity test (LANL)Image via WikipediaRemember when those wacky Los Alamos boys inaugurated the nuclear arms race by detonating the world's first atomic explosive?

Well, as humans are wont to do, those Manhattan Projectors laid out a little wagering action as to exactly how explosive said atomic gadget would turn out to be. So the question becomes: Who won the Trinity Test betting pool? 

You can find out one of two ways:
  • Audio, via one of my appearances on TechTalk radio in Chicago (which includes some additional content about Chip Bell and John Patterson's new book Wired and Dangerous)
  • Text, via a recent Geek Trivia column (which includes pithy commentary from my Geekend readership)
Hint: The guy who won the pool is probably more famous in medical circles than he is in the halls of physics. Maybe.
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