Sunday, July 01, 2012

The top stories of June 2012 (according to my Twitter friends)

Dunce cap in the Victorian schoolroom at the M...
Below are the 18 links I shared in June 2012 that got at least 50 clicks on Twitter.
  2. "Focus is scary. It means not hedging your bets. It means going all-in. If you’re not scared, you’re not focused." (222)
  3. Marketing made of WIN (216)
  4. Facebook Just Changed Your Email Without Asking—Here's How to Fix It (201)
  5. Video: Why Your Burger Doesn't Look Like the One in the Ad (177)
  6. Revisiting why incompetents think they’re awesome (172)
  7. What People Really Do When They're 'Working From Home' (151)
  8. How I manage 40 people remotely (127)
  9. FACEBOOK KNOWS: Who wants to get fired, who's hungover, who's on drugs, who has a new phone number (98)
  10. For my part, I stand with the Oreos (86)
  11. Irony (81)
  12. Why Your Next iPhone Should Be Prepaid (80) 
  13. The Facebook/Google war won't be the News Feed vs. Google+ but Facebook Camera vs. Project Glass (78)
  14. I'm offended at the Internet's general lack of Back To The Future expertise. This never should have got past edit phase (78)
  15. Teaching the Security Mindset (64)
  16. the recruiter honeypot (64)
  17. How to Talk to Human Beings (62)
  18. The best graphical representation of sports stats you'll see today (55)
I use BufferApp to track these stats. You can follow me on Twitter at @jaygarmon.

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