Monday, May 20, 2013

Everything wrong with Star Trek Into Darkness, according to three random geeks

Star Trek into Darkness
Star Trek into Darkness (Photo credit: David Holt London)
In one those rare moments of serendipitous geekery, Paul Weimer and Shaun Duke threw out a random "anybody want to jump on a podcast about Star Trek Into Darkness in five minutes?" flares on Twitter and, to my own surprise, I had a free evening.

The result is an hour of unremitting podcast hostility towards the Hollywood machine that is dismantling Star Trek, as only ad hoc nerdrage can deliver it.

If you liked the movie and want to understand why you were wrong to do so (he said, tongue only half in cheek), this is the podcast for you. Tune in and unlearn all that J.J. Abrams foolishly tried to teach you. It's fun to use anger for good.

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