Friday, November 22, 2013

Several smart people (also, me) discuss the value of sci-fi/fantasy novel series as opposed to standalone stories

A Song of Ice and Fire Hardcover
In a recent #MindMeld column, the beneficent SF Signal Irregular Paul Weimer posed the following question to a glorious and resplendent cavalcade of sci-fi and fantasy media figures (and, also, me):
Everywhere you go in genre, series seem to predominate over single novels. How do you read a series differently as compared to singletons? Have you ever given up on a series, or returned to one after a long absence?
The lineup of respondents include:, Sally ‘Qwill’ Janin, Lisa Paitz Spindler, Peggy Hailey, Fábio Fernandes, Brent Bowen, Zachary Jernigan, Steven H Silver, Alex Ristea, Stefan Raets, Rob Bedford and, well, me.

The responses are rather intriguing (excepting my own, of course). Worth your time to peruse the spectra of insights.

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