Friday, January 22, 2016

SF Signal asked me about my favorite pretend spaceship

NCC-1701-D Refit
NCC-1701-D Refit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
No, really, there are sci-fi and fantasy fandom blogs that are desperate enough to ask my opinions on fictional spaceships. Mostly Paul Weimer is too nice for his own good over at SF Signal.

Paul was also smart enough to take the Millennium Falcon and Firefly's Serenity out of the running. My answer, the "All Good Things" alternate reality variant of The Next Generation's Enterprise D, is pictured to the right.

Luckily, Paul was wise enough to ask a cavalcade of authors, agents and reviewers like Amanda Bridgeman, K.V. Johansen, Alexandra Pierce, Tehani Wessely, Julia Rios (who did the Force Awakens pod-rant with Paul and I), Joshua Bilmes, Josh Vogt, Brenda Cooper, Jacey Bedford, Laurel Amberdine, L.M. Myles, and Angela Mitchell which fictional spacecraft they'd most want to pilot, captain, and/or own. Heady company far more qualified than a poser like me. Their answers show it.

In any case, you can read the latest SF Signal Mind Meld, A Spacecraft of One's Own, here.

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