Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Onion: Trekkies bash new Star Trek film as 'fun, watchable'

I have seen the future of my Star Trek premiere pre-party this weekend, and this is it.

There are days I'm convinced that The Onion is written by half-stoned journalism drop-outs from the future, and there are days I think it's written by my own subconscious. This is both of those days.

But hey, even if you are a Trek-basher who doubts the powers of J.J. Abrams or the premise of an Academy-era prequel--I'm looking at you, Stephen Colbert--just remember, it could always be worse. How worse? This worse.

(Hat tip to SFSignal, Wil Wheaton and Chris Roberson for collectively pointing this out to me.)

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