Thursday, May 08, 2008

Another radio stint, as my infamy grows yet more

After a brief hiatus, I returned to the Chicagoland airwaves last weekend with another appearance on TechTalk. For those listening over the Web, you can grab the latest show here. If you want to grab the podcast on iTunes and can't wait around for my appearance, fast forward to the 11:30 mark and hear me blab about Iron Man, Battlestar Galactica, tax returns, General Electric, karma, child disease, and Russian space weapons until 24:40.

In other surreal news, my boss Rob wants me to apply to be a panel speaker for BlogWorld. The notion of me as an expert is still pretty foreign considering that I couldn't get anyone besides my own teammates at CNET to listen to my ideas. Somehow being ignored for several years by your corporate overlords makes you worthy to expound upon online community development amongst season blog professionals. (Setting aside the oxymoron that is seasoned blog professionals.) This will be an exercise in spin.

Oh, and I was lambasted by my writer's group last night for not having a short story to share for the second consecutive meeting. The burden of expectation is flattering and intimidating, especially since my pal Lizard could write circles around me these days. His in-progress novel is teh awesome. Combine that with the ever-growing clamor by some folks on the local sci-fi con's organizing committee to have me take over some or all of programming (the hardest job there is), and I'm far more in demand than I could ever possibly deserve. Eventually, these folks are going to catch on.

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