Monday, May 26, 2008

Two bizarre blog ideas

Okay, so here's a couple of blog ideas I've tossed around but will probably never have time to pursue. Blogs that are commercially successful need concise, compelling concepts. I'm putting these here as one of those prior art pikestaffs so I can sue whoever reads this post and finds the time to actually write these things (not that I'd win, but I'm petty):

The Chrono-Anarchist's Hitlist: A blog that profiles interesting and significant people in history by supposing how the world would be different if a time-traveling terrorist went back and notched them before they did all their unappreciated work. I glanced off this idea in my last Geek Trivia post, where I suggested that offing George Lucas's dog might have renamed Indiana Jones and wiped out Chewbacca (which in turn prevents Ewoks, so it might be worth it).

The Armchair Script Doctor: Instead of bitching about how all the hyped geek genre movies fail to live up to expectations, I outline how I'd have changed the scripts to serve us better. I did this once with Spider-Man 3 and got some positive feedback, and I have enough movies with clear ideas on how to fix (Matrix Revolutions, Alien 3, Transformers, the Star Wars prequel trilogy, Wonder Woman, the last of which hasn't even been made) to sustain for a while. If only I had the time.

Those would totally work. I'd be adored by dozens. Sadly, fate does not abide.

Enough bitching, back to work.

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