Saturday, May 17, 2008

The one in which I use my powers for good

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Way back in March (and republished in April), I laid out my predictions for the summer geek movie season. I said Iron Man would rock, Speed Racer would flop, and Prince Caspian would be middling but appeal to the kiddies.

Let's just look at the Rotten Tomatoes fresh ratings and gross reports, shall we?
That's right, I'm a genius. If could pick stocks this well I'd be building that lifesize mockup of the Fortress of Solitude with my billions right about now. But, to paraphrase General Zod, "Why do you say these things when you know I will kill you for it?"

"Kill me, Lex Luthor, the greatest criminal mind...."

Sorry, tangent.

Anyway, why am I mouthing off about my mutant movie critiquing powers when karma will almost certainly snap back and ensure that my successive prediction(s) fall resoundingly flat?

Because the next movie I previewed was Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull...and I said it was gonna lay a great big steaming pile of Episode I on our summer. And I don't want to be right about that. I very much think I will be, but if the only cost for ensuring that Indy 4 kicks mega retro Raiders of the Lost Ark ass is to be exposed as a lucky guesser in front of all five of my blog readers, sign my arrogant butt up for the smackdown. Because the likelihood of Shia Lebouf as this year's Jar Jar is growing awfully fast.

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