Friday, May 30, 2008

Just how cheap *will* I work...?

How easy is it to get the once and future Trivia Geek on your radio show? This easy. That's right, I've appeared six out of the last seven weeks (and again tomorrow) on TechTalk radio in Chicago and my total compensation--besides ego-stroking and publicity--is a nice CafePress t-shirt. Truth be told, I'd work for less.

For those of you curious what it is I'm likely to say on the radio, check out the May 24 show--which is where I was brought on as a time-filler--to discover my incoherent ramblings about Indiana Jones, superhero movies, digital restoration, classic video games, my current day job, and various & sundry other unrelated topics. My appearance runs from about 18:30 to about 48:15. Also, I now have theme music. Seriously.

Oh, and if this performance (to invoke a generous descriptor) impresses you, and you are a booking agent for a radio show or science fiction convention, remember that I can be had for a t-shirt or less. Quality optional.

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