Friday, October 22, 2010

'Comic Book 'Pirated' On 4Chan, Author Joins Discussion... Watches Sales Soar' and 19 more must-read links

A stereotypical caricature of a pirate.Image via Wikipedia
  1. Comic Book 'Pirated' On 4Chan, Author Joins Discussion... Watches Sales Soar
  2. Get Lamp Filmmaker Scolds DVD Rippers... For Doing A Bad Job With The Rip
  3. Your time is up, publishers. Book piracy is about to arrive on a massive scale
  4. Give Me One Good Reason Why I Should Read Your Favorite Science Fiction Novel
  5. Ra Ra Wrong. How Facebook’s Cheerleaders Are Blowing Smoke
  6. Does Anyone Bookmark Anymore?
  7. Rethinking reproductive restrictions 
  8. FaceTime for Mac – a serious threat for your Apple ID
  9. Diminished Reality: Impressive Video Manipulation In Real-Time (Video)
  10. The Tax Haven That's Saving Google Billions
  11. Aol Mail Goes Down. No One Notices. 
  12. A new thesis of genre
  13. When A Humor Site Understands The Implications Of Abundance Better Than The 'Experts'...
  14. Can You Build A Startup Anywhere? Why I Moved Backupify To Boston
  15. Long Live Your Facebook Photos (for better, or for worse…)
  16. This is Demo Slam
  17. Traders Convicted For Figuring Out Auto Trading Algorithm; How Is That Illegal?
  18. Facebook Stops Posting Photo Memories Of Your Ex
  19. Google chosen to digitize Dead Sea Scrolls
  20. Marvel Superheroes Re-Imagined in the World of TRON!

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